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The license for all Phenoelit tools can be found here.


I keep this short:
TeeNet is just for the completeness of our collection. We use it and it works - but like you will know: Telnet protocol is not the fastest kind of communication. But Cisco likes it, Ascent likes it and therefor we use it ...
Just start it if you know an account on the target system (not needed for Cisco) and hope, that the stupid admin selected a password from your wordlist ;-)

How it works

The standard call is:
./tn -a root -w wordlist.txt -h target.company.com
but this is not the finest.
Use the timeout switches and the pattern declarations for better tuning:


First tip: If you have the possibility to crack other passwords - do it. Telnet is slow and not that stable !.
Use the timeouts. The longer your timeout is - more time per try is required. But the telnet deamon is not that loaded. Smaller timeouts are good in LAN environments but you may experience connection problems...
If you are not sure about the login pattern, use the -V switch and look at the output in your terminal. May be TeeNet finds the password and you miss it.