Project 2068/11.1 - ObiWaN

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UNIX (Version 0.6a)

The UNIX version is actual only compiled for Linux and Solaris. It is a static or dynamic linked program (Solaris only dynamic linked yet). If you have any problems with it, mail me.
UNIX users - if you ask me, this PERL script is better then the whole ObiWaN source
V 0.6a static linked (libc 5)
V 0.6a dynamic (libc 5)

V 0.6a dynamic linked (Solaris 2.x)

Windows 32 (Version 0.6)

Need a Windows version ? There are two files. You can download a complete Setup. But if you don´t like this, download only the needed files.  The setup version is only for the people, who don´t trust programs without setups.
V 0.6 Setup
V 0.6 Standard


I found the need of creating a tool to do all possible variations of a password. If you have a wordlist with passwords and like to test some server you should use this tool first. It produces all possible cases (eg: te,tE,Te,TE) But be carefull with your free space on your partition: It makes not only all cases - it makes a shitload of data too.
Linux variation tool
Windows variation tool


All you have now is nothing without a wordlist. If you are looking for something complete - go to servers like COAST and download the complete shitload of wordlists and dicts.
Here are two ŽdemoŽ wordlists: