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Just some infos about targets:

Netscape demo tree

The Netscape demo tree has 153 passwords in it. LJ cracked 38 of them in 5 Minutes on a standard PII MMX box.

LDAP and the Internet

I found (using Altavista) some ldif files on the net. Two here unnamed companies put the actual ldif file on directories of their web servers. Thanx.
These files supplied a good test environment for me, because this are REAL passwords. Lumberjack was able to find some of the passwords. And the files suggested some of the later features.

Linux and passwd and crypt()

A nasty site effect of creating the whole linux/GNU stuff in the states:
If you define your password to be "\n", any guy with a german keyboard can login using the password "Ün". Looks like a task for the PAM developer *g* ...