Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite

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Version 0.10 is out - documentation update will follow


Routing protocols are by definition protocols, which are used by routers to communicate with each other about ways to deliver routed protocols, such as IP.
While many improvements have been done to the host security since the early days of the Internet, the core of this network still uses unauthenticated services for critical communication. Because most of the routers you will see in todays environments are Cisco products, we focus our work on these, which does not mean that it dosn't apply to other router vendors.

The idea is to implement small tools which can be scripted for larger tests while using the protocols describd in standards or white papers. IRPAS is not a collection of exploits. While several circumstances can lead to a denail of service attack, the tools try to implement routing protocol functionality as described by the papers, therefore enabling the user of these tools (probably you) to design it's own customized attack.
Another nice side effect is that people used to point-and-click attack tools should have some difficulties to use a raw IGRP sender tool.

We will try to outline some of the applications and scripts for these tools in the documentation, but most of the applications are still up to the user itself. We strongly encourage you to suggest new tools or improvements to us since developing such kind of a tool is an isolated work in todays AOL internet.

Supported protocols

This is an ongoing project, so watch out for more fun